Pleasant surprise, there are 3 Valentine’s days a year

Red Valentine on February 14, White Valentine on March 14 and even Black Valentine on April 14. So what is the meaning of those days?

Red Valentine (February 14)

Red Valentine is the traditional Valentine’s Day, a day that all lovers around the world look forward to.

The story goes that, in a far away country, there was a dictatorial emperor who wanted to forbid men and women from loving each other. But even though he forbade it in every way, the lovers still came together.

Moved by these sincere feelings, Bishop Valentine sacrificed his life to join the lovers in Heaven. And Valentine’s Day was born.

Red Valentine is an opportunity for lovers to express their feelings to their other half. On this day, people give each other chocolate, red roses and cards filled with love… Sweet red Valentine…

White Valentine (March 14)

Because love is always new every day, people seem to love each other more after tender dreams, so one Valentine’s Day seems not enough. Therefore, from the land of the rising sun (Japan), another Valentine’s Day was born and was quickly welcomed by young people and from there White Valentine was born.

White Valentine is also known by names such as White Valentine, White day. This is a great opportunity for lovers to be together. White day takes place exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, on March 14, and is an opportunity for men to repay their girlfriends.

Gifts that girls can receive from their partners are black or white chocolate, jewelry…

Black Valentine (April 14)

Just hearing about it, you already think this holiday is strange, right? The color black often makes people think of bad things.

But the reality is not as you might think! Black Valentine (or Black Valentine, Black day) is still celebrated by young Koreans every April 14.

Unlike its somewhat “dark” name, this is a day for people who have not found their other half or those who worship singleness to gather and create exciting parties. Who told the sad lonely people do?.

On this day they also go on dates, wear black clothes and eat traditional black noodles Jachang. These days, happy single people can easily find sweet chocolates and sip deliciously as a reward for their happy single life.

Valentine’s Day, no matter what color it is, is sweet for everyone.

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